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Investment property is our strength. If you are interested in purchasing real estate for investment purposes, Klaus Homes provides you with a wide selection as well as the vision for a profitable property. For Sale by Owner, auction, foreclosures, distress or just fixer-uppers, every thing you need, we are here.

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Investing in real estate is not easy, instead of looking for a property, look for a capable agent to represent you. Remember that most of real estate agents deal primarily in home sales. Inquire until you find an agent with training and experience in investment property.


Assuming your objectives are compatible with the agent's ability to help, the agent will suggest that you employ the firm as a Buyer's Broker. An appropriate Employment Agreement (including the fee paid by you, the Buyer to your agent) will be written up and signed by you and your agent. This procedure is one indication that you're dealing with a pro. Before employing an agent ask them how they plan to pursue your objective.


Any property is a possibility because your agent's fee has been agreed to. Your agent can pursue not only listed properties, but can negotiate for probate situations, force sales of any kind, "For Sale By Owner" property, and even property that is not on the market at all.


A buyer (investor) seeking representation needs the services of a competent, concerned agent rather than a "good listener." When you find that agent, the agent will spend an hour or two talking with you in his/her office to determine your specific needs and objectives. This procedure is called counseling. Counseling considers the financial aspects of your situation balanced with your personal comfort zones.


Now you have broken the traditional pattern of being a customer and have attained client status. Your agent's efforts are directed to benefit and protect you, and to get the right property at the right price and terms for you.


Customers usually see only listed properties, but the entire marketplace opens up for a client who has employed, and agrees to pay a Buyer's Broker. Access to a properties is very important to investors.

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