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Cristina Martinez


Cristina joined the Klaus Home team in the early summer of 2023, bringing with her a diverse background and a passion for learning. As a novice in the real estate world, she quickly immersed herself in the intricacies of the industry, determined to master the trade. Prior to her real estate endeavors,


Cristina built an impressive career in the beauty industry holding a cosmetology license and  amassing over 15 years of experience in hair and makeup artistry. Her creative eye and attention to detail, honed through the years of working with clients, now contribute to her success in the real estate field. Additionally,


Cristina holds a degree in Criminal Justice, reflecting her commitment to justice and fairness. Her keen sense of observation and analytical skills acquired through her studies serve her well in assessing the unique needs of her clients. Beyond her professional achievements, Cristina has a five-year-plus history in photography, capturing moments and telling stories through her lens. This artistic background enables her to view properties with a unique perspective, identifying their best features and capturing their essence. With her diverse skill set and unwavering worth ethic, Cristina Martinez is carving her path in the real estate world, steadily learning and managing the workload with enthusiasm and determination. 

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My Story

With a diverse background and a passion for learning, I've had an impressive career in the beauty industry, holding a cosmetology license with over 15 years of experience. Now, my creative eye and attention to detail contribute to my success in real estate. Alongside a degree in Criminal Justice, my keen observation and analytical skills help me understand the unique needs of my clients. Beyond my professional achievements, I also cherish my roles as a daughter, mother, and sister, valuing family values. Additionally, my five-year-plus history in photography gives me a unique perspective in the real estate world, identifying the best features of properties and capturing their essence with enthusiasm and determination.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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